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BFHA Winter Newsletter January 2019

Mark your calendar! Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 7:45pm at Church on the Hill 35th Ave between 167th and 168th Street.
Our guest speakers will be Deputy Inspector Keith Shine, commander of the 109 Precinct and the Queens representative for the American Red Cross.

There’s still time to Pay your dues or make a donation to the BFHA Legal Reserve Fund and now it’s even easier than ever!  We now accept Credit Cards and Paypal.

Pay Dues Now

Department of Sanitation snow removal rules:

If the snow stops falling between:
7:00am and 4:59pm – you must clear within four hours
5:00pm and 8:59pm – you must clear within fourteen hours
9:00pm and 6:59am – you must clear by 11:00am

Have you noticed all the trees surrounded by wooden fencing? They are meant to protect the trees as the DOT performs major sewer work.

Order a plaque for your home or as a gift for your neighbor.  If you would like to order a plaque, please visit our website  and select “Order a Plaque” This will take you directly to the manufacturer who has given a 10% discount for all Broadway-Flushing Plaques.  If you need help installing your plaque reach out to us because we know who the “handy” neighbors are and they would love to help you!

If you would like to see the Department of Design and Construction’s presentation about the water main and infrastructure upgrades along 33rd Avenue, Flushing to Bayside check the BFHA website.  www.broadwayflushing.org



     As the winter winds blow my wreaths around and sneak in under my front door, I am reminded that cold weather brings “frost heaves” – the unfortunate movement of the earth which may force tree roots through sidewalk concrete. 

     While not as serious as wildfires or lava flows, roots from city trees – those typically between the sidewalk and the curb – may raise or break the flags.  This situation, of course, creates a hazard even for the sure-footed and may trigger a nasty slip-and-fall.
    When the damage to your walk is caused by a city tree, it may be helpful to notify them.  One of our members recommends the 311 system, installed under Mayor Bloomberg, to obtain a complaint number.  Going on line to 311 is relatively straightforward:

                 key in 311 NYC, then key

                 Make a Complaint

                 Streets and Sidewalks

                 Damaged Sidewalk

                 Report a Damaged Sidewalk to a Residential Unit

                 Address and Description of Damage

     If you prefer to call, just dial 311 and cite a damaged sidewalk to obtain the complaint number.  Information on the city’s response is on the 311 website.  Specific laws and responsibilities concerning sidewalks are on the sites for the Department of Transportation and the Department of Parks.  Your complaint should generate an evaluation of the damage on a scale and an approximate repair date.                                                                    


     The tree and menorah lighting in Bowne Park on Sunday 12/2 coincided with the first night of Hanukkah.  Although a light drizzle limited the attendance, three members of the clergy addressed our gathering: Rabbi Ballan from Temple Beth Shalom, Father Holcomb from St Andrew’s, and Pastor Crawford from Church on the Hill.  In addition, Senator Toby Ann Stavisky and Congresswoman Grace Meng extended their best wishes and fervent hopes for a peaceful new year.  As Mike Barry played holiday songs on his guitar, the crowd sampled hot cocoa and cupcakes.  The new menorah lit up on cue, as did the lights strung up on the flagpole.  The lighting was hosted with the Bowne Park Civic Association, which has been instrumental in the success of many co-sponsored events.


     Over the last few years, the association has been blessed in one regard: we have not had to go to court and pay legal fees for defending our zoning or the covenant.  As a result of this good fortune, our fund for legal expenses is over $60,000.
     We sincerely thank all our members who have been so generous for so many years.  The fund is a feature of BFHA which is not found in many other homeowner associations.  Groups which lack a legal reserve have to do emergency fundraising when the need arises, a task which is always difficult for the officers and the members.  Let us hope that any issues in the future may be addressed with a minimum of legal counsel.


     On the odd time, a person does something which has a beneficial impact on solely our members.  One of our long-time colleagues, however, has “gone the extra mile.”  As an aide to Congressmember Grace Meng, she has been wrestling with federal and state agencies on behalf of ALL RESIDENTS of northeast Queens.  A recent article in The Queens Chronicle confirmed that passenger jet take-off patterns will now be monitored for consistent use of a path which avoids residential areas.  The EFFORT to get this implemented took scores of letters and countless hours of work.
     Occasionally, people ask me: what are the benefits of membership in BFHA?  One benefit is the presence in our midst of an ACTIVIST who spends nights and weekends promoting quality of life issues for homeowners.    Many thanks, Maria Becce!!


     The Department of Sanitation reminds homeowners that natural Christmas trees will be picked between January 2 and January 12.  Strip the tree of ornaments and tinsel; do not bag it.
     The Association will have its next meetings on Thursday March 21 and                  Thursday May 16.








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