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Dear Members,

Please note that BFHA has new email addresses.  Please use info@broadwayflushing.org for all matters and use

president@broadwayflushing.org to directly contact our President.


Thank you to the BFHA members who shared their voices in our recent election by mailing in their ballots.  We received responses from approximately one third of the ballots that were mailed and the new slate of board members was overwhelmingly approved.

Congratulations to our new officers!

BFHA Executive Board 2020-2022

President  Liz Nacinovich

Vice Pres  Janet McCreesh

Vice Pres Elisa Bellere

Treasurer  Karen Barbieri

Recording Sec  Martha Pirone

Corresponding Secretary Dennis Occhino

Immediate Past President  Kevin Morris

Member  Kurt Nickel

Member  Dianne Arfsten

Thank you to our Immediate Past President, Kevin Morris for his stellar leadership and protection of our beautiful community.

We have accomplished a lot in the past two years and hope to keep the momentum going with our new President, Liz Nacinovich.

2020 Winners


32-30 167th Street – Adams Residence
33-48 167th Street – DeFeo Residence
29-22 161st Street – Diaz Residence
156-04 32nd Ave – Djirdjirian Residence
35-15-158th Street – Duer Residence
33-33 156th Street – Dr. Edmund Geigerich and Dr. Denise Boudiette
35-40 170th Street – Jung Residence
33-34 156th Street – Modifica Residence
35-19 164th Street – Xu Tao and Fang Ying Residence
29-58 169th Street – White Residence

There are many beautiful and well groomed front gardens in our area.  The above were chosen for special commendation because of their exceptional appearance.

 So that others may receive recognition, the criterion is that a former winner may not be eligible for a period of five years.

May 5, 2020

See slideshows of awards from previous years right here.

President  Liz Nacinovich
Vice Pres  Janet McCreesh
Vice Pres Elisa Bellere
Treasurer  Karen Barbieri
Recor Sec  Martha Pirone
Corres Sec  Dennis Occhino
Member  Kevin Morris
Member  Kurt Nickel
Member  Dianne Arfsten


Broadway Flushing was saddened to learn that Joe Brostek had passed away on March 25.

The Brostek family sent an email to the executive committee, which follows this message below and outlines the arrangements at this time.  There are suggestions in it for donations in his memory.

As many of us are aware, Joe was a tireless advocate for the preservation of our neighborhood.  He became an active member decades ago and worked with Marge and Nick Ferrigno to recruit speakers, write letters to city administrators, and organize meetings which benefited the entire area.

Our Association was hardly his only avocation.  Joe was also involved with the Queens Historical Society, St. Andrew Avellino Church, and the Queens College Alumni Association.  As a longtime resident of Flushing, he had the institutional intelligence to imagine events and programs, do them successfully, and report on them to the local press – usually accompanied by his own photos.

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BFHA is aware of a recent (2/13/20) misleading and inaccurate item in the digital press, wherein the writer did not interview any officer or member of the association.

The Association does not litigate in cyberspace. It will seek lawful remedies and respond to inquiries in appropriate forums.

IMG_5696 (1)



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109th Precinct Build the Block meeting at St. Andrew Avellino 12/10/19

Sgt. Pilla, Kevin Morris, Joseph Brostek, Officer Thomas Dean, Office Mike Patronzio


Ms. LaRocca grew up in the neighborhood and she spoke fondly about returning to her roots before describing her department’s role. She outlined its responsibilities and the many challenges it faces. Compliance with building codes, enforcing zoning restrictions, assuring workers’ safety and providing appropriate training are primary. The Commissioner said they have to respond to many thousands of complaints, especially about illegal conversions, unsafe building practices and unlicensed work.


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