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President  Liz Nacinovich
Immediate Past President  Kevin Morris
Vice President  Janet McCreesh
Vice President Diane Arfsten
Treasurer  Karen Barbieri
Recording Secretary Erin Carrozzo
Corresponding Secretary Kurt Nickel

Member  Anne Marie Devlin
Member  Francis Buckley
Member  George Zbravos
Dear Members,

The response from the recent message has been very low. Unfortunately, the Housing Compact portion of the state bill has remained. As stated in our last email, if adopted, it will have a disastrous impact on our community and others like it. We all have a responsibility to protect and preserve our wonderful community.
For those of you unfamiliar with the ‘Housing Compact” we further explain it, at the end of this email.

Following is the list of action, that must be taken by everyone in this community, please do at least one item:

1. Contact Governor Hochul to voice your opposition through this link:


or call her office at1-518-474-8390 and tell her to pull out the housing compact from the budget immediately!

2. Contact our local elected officials to voice your opposition to the housing compact portion of the budget, ask them to support you buy pressuring the Governor to remove that portion of the budget.

State Senator: John C. Liu 718-765-6675
Assemblyman: Ed Braunstein 718-357-3588
Assemblyman: Ron Kim 718-939-0195
City Councilmember: Vickie Albrizio Paladino 718-619-8611

3. Email or call any or all of the following senators whose yes vote to this budget will completely ruin all the single family neighborhoods in New York State.

Jacob C. Ashby                ashby@nysenate.gov                518-455-2381
Jamaal T. Bailey              bailey@nysenate.gov                518-455-2061
George M. Borrello        borrello@nysenate.gov              518-455-3563
Neil D. Breslin                breslin@nysenate.gov                518-455-2225
Jabari Brisport                brisport@nysenate.gov              518-455-3451
Samra G. Brouk              brouk@nysenate.gov                  518-455-2215
Patricia M. Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick canzoneri@nysenate.gov 518-455-2400
Cordell Cleare                cleare@nysenate.gov                518-455-2441
Jeremy A. Cooney          cooney@nysenate.gov              518-455-2909
Simcha Felder                felder@nysenate.gov                518-455-2754
Nathalia Fernandez      fernandez@nysenate.gov        518-455-3595
Patrick M. Gallivan        gallivan@nysenate.gov              518-455-3471
Michael N. Gianaris      gianaris@nysenate.gov            518-455-3486
Kristen S. Gonzalez        gonzalez@nysenate.gov            518-455-3250
Andrew S. Gounardes  gounardes@nysenate.gov        518-455-3270
Joseph A. Griffo              griffo@nysenate.gov                  518-455-3334
Peter B. Harckham        harckham@nysenate.gov          518-455-2340
Pamela A. Helming        helming@nysenate.gov            518-455-2366
Michelle Hinchey          hinchey@nysenate.gov              518-455-2350
Brad Hoylman-Sigal      hoylman@nysenate.gov            518-455-2451
Robert Jackson              jackson@nysenate.gov              518-455-2041
Brian Kavanagh              kavanagh@nysenate.gov          518-455-2625
Timothy M. Kennedy    kennedy@nysenate.gov            518-455-2426
Liz Kreuger                      lkreuger@nysenate.gov            518-455-2297
Andrew J. Lanza            lanza@nysenate.gov                  518-455-3215
John W. Mannion          mannion@nysenate.gov            518-455-3511
Monica R. Martinez      martinez@nysenate.gov            518-455-2765
Jack M. Martins              martins@nysenate.gov            518-455-2677
Mario R. Mattera          matera@nysenate.gov              518-455-2071
Rachel May                    may@nysenate.gov                    518-455-2838
Shelly B. Mayer              smayer@nysenate.gov              518-455-2031
Dean Murray                  murray@nysenate.gov              518-455-3411
Zellnor Y. Myrie            myrie@nysenate.gov                  518-455-2410
Peter Oberacker            oberacker@nysenate.gov          518-455-3131
Thomas F. O’Mara        omara@nysenate.gov                518-455-2091
Robert G. Ortt                ortt@nysenate.gov                      518-455-2024
Anthony H. Palumbo    palumbo@nysenate.gov            518-455-3121
Kevin S. Parker              parker@nysenate.gov                518-455-2580
Roxanne J. Persaud      persaud@nysenate.gov              518-455-2788
Jessica Ramos                ramos@nysenate.gov                518-455-2529
Steven D. Rhoads          rhoads@nysenate.gov                518-455-3161
Gustavo Rivera              grivera@nysenate.gov                518-455-3395
Rob Rolison                    rolison@nysenate.gov                518-455-2945
Sean M. Ryan                  ryan@nysenate.gov                    518-455-3240
Julia Salazar                    salazar@nysenate.gov                518-455-2177
James Sanders, Jr.        sanders@nysenate.gov              518-455-3531
Jessica Scarcella-Spanton spanton@nysenate.gov          518-455-2437
Luis R. Sepulveda          sepulveda@nysenate.gov          518-455-2511
Jose M. Serrano            serrano@nysenate.gov              518-455-2795
James Skoufis                skoufis@nysenate.gov                518-455-3920
Daniel G. Stec                  stec@nysenate.gov                    518-455-2811
Andrea Stewart-Cousins scousins@nysenate.gov          518-455-2585
James N. Tedisco            tedisco@nysenate.gov              518-455-2181
Kevin M. Thomas          thomas@nysenate.gov              518-455-3260
Mark C. Walczyk            walczyk@nysenate.gov              518-455-3438
Lea E. Webb                    leawebb@nysenate.gov            518-455-2170
Bill Weber                      weber@nysenate.gov                518-455-2991
Alexis Weik                      weik@nysenate.gov                    518-455-2950

Current Budget Proposals include:

  • Mandatory upzonings within ½ mile of rail and subway stations, this would mean 25,000 new apartments within 1/2 mile of Broadway-Flushing Railroad Station.
  • Mandatory increase of 3 percent more housing stock every three years or face fines.
  • New State Housing Board which will approve multi-family housing anywhere
  • Removal of Home Rule in violation of the NY State Constitution
  • Blanket Amnesty for all Illegal Conversions/basements and backyard houses in New York City
  • Property Tax Exemptions for developers who create Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

We are running out of time and are facing a critical enemy to single family neighborhoods. We can not risk losing everything we have fought so hard to keep. PLEASE ACT NOW!!!! The budget will be voted on by April 1. We have less than two weeks.

We can not fight this without your participation. PLEASE ACT NOW!

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