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Spring Garden Awards 2020 Slideshow: Beautiful Photos of Springtime in Broadway-Flushing

2020 Winners


32-30 167th Street – Adams Residence
33-48 167th Street – DeFeo Residence
29-22 161st Street – Diaz Residence
156-04 32nd Ave – Djirdjirian Residence
35-15-158th Street – Duer Residence
33-33 156th Street – Dr. Edmund Geigerich and Dr. Denise Boudiette
35-40 170th Street – Jung Residence
33-34 156th Street – Modifica Residence
35-19 164th Street – Xu Tao and Fang Ying Residence
29-58 169th Street – White Residence

There are many beautiful and well groomed front gardens in our area.  The above were chosen for special commendation because of their exceptional appearance.

 So that others may receive recognition, the criterion is that a former winner may not be eligible for a period of five years.

May 5, 2020

See slideshows of awards from previous years right here.

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