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BFHA Newsletter Winter 2018

Mark your calendar! Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 7:45pm at Church on the Hill 35th Ave between 167th and 168th Street.

Our guest speakers will be Marilyn MacAndrews, District Manager of Community  Board 7 and Anthony Iuliano from the Department of Buildings.  Your executive board has worked very hard to prepare a list of questions relating to Broadway-Flushing for Mr. Iuliano.  This is being done to make the most of the time he can meet with us.  If you have a question concerning the entire community, please email it to president@broadwayflushing.org by February 7, 2018.

There’s still time to Pay your dues or make a donation to the BFHA Legal Reserve Fund and now it’s even easier than ever!  We now accept Credit Cards and Paypal.

Pay Dues Now

Department of Sanitation snow removal rules:
If the snow stops falling between:
7:00am and 4:59pm – you must clear within four hours
5:00pm and 8:59pm – you must clear within fourteen hours
9:00pm and 6:59am – you must clear by 11:00am

Have you noticed all the trees surrounded by wooden fencing? They are meant to protect the trees as the DOT performs major sewer work.

Order a plaque for your home or as a gift for your neighbor.  If you would like to order a plaque, please visit our website  and select “Order a Plaque” This will take you directly to the manufacturer who has given a 10% discount for all Broadway-Flushing Plaques.  If you need help installing your plaque reach out to us because we know who the “handy” neighbors are and they would love to help you!

Photos from our Christmas Tree and Menorah lighting ceremony at Bowne Park. It was cold but the people were warm and festive!

Dear Members,
As we continue to remain vigilant regarding the renovations and tear downs in our neighborhood we also continue to search for ways to protect and preserve.  Once again Senator Tony Avella has introduced his Architectural District Bill and we need to support it in many ways.  I urge every member to write letters to:

Senator John J. Flanagan       and          Senator Jeffrey D. Klein
Leader NYS Senate                                1250 Waters Place
260 Middle County Road                         Suite 1202
Suite 102                                                 Bronx, NY 10461
Smithtown, NY 11787                              jdklein@nysenate.gov

Tell them who you are and ask them to support Senate Bill S1531. You can send an email or a letter but letters are better.  Each letter gets logged and responded to, the more letters they get, the more attention this bill will receive.   If the Senate receives 300 letters it will send a much stronger message than 30 letters.  We must continue to be the squeaky wheel.  Our community is incredibly unique and worth the fight!  So let’s get it done!   I wish you all a warm and happy spring and hope to see you at our March 22nd meeting!

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