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What can you do to help protect our community?

Senator Tony Avella has introduced his Architectural District Bill to allow for the creation and recognition of architectural districts statewide. I urge every member to write letters to:

Senator John J. Flanagan
Leader NYS Senate
260 Middle County Road
Suite 102
Smithtown, NY 11787


Senator Jeffrey D. Klein
1250 Waters Place
Suite 1202
Bronx, NY 10461

Tell them who you are and ask them to support Senate Bill S1531. You can send an email or a letter but letters are better. Each letter gets logged and responded to, the more letters they get, the more attention this bill will receive. If the Senate receives 300 letters it will send a much stronger message than 30 letters. We must continue to be the squeaky wheel. Our community is incredibly unique and worth the fight! So let’s get it done!

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